Sweaty, warm and full of testosterone. Do you want to enter in the guys Locker Room? Our boys can customize their sport gear for you. Socks, sneakers, underwear, trackies or other used sportswear. Feel free to ask them anything you want.

Our Boys

PEDRO "the twink"

Pedro is a cute 23yo twink. He loves to work out at least 5 days a week and to create content and online videos for his fans. Like every young guy he doesn't care about changing it's socks 🧦 often, so he usually wears the same socks for days! You can only imagine the smell in his room 👃

FRANCISCO "the hunk"

Francisco is our hunk. He is a professional swimmer 🏊 and you can always find him at the swimming pool, at the beach, or working out at the gym 💪

He has a nice collection of speedos, slips and underwear 🩲 Sometimes he even 💦 inside while wearing it. Such a naughty boy!

KEVIN "the bear"

Kevin is our 37yo bear 🐻 He is super friendly and loves to talk with everyone. He usually wears his clothes for many days, because he loves his own male scent. It is said that sometimes, during the full moon, the bear also transforms into a pig 🐷


Worn Socks | Short | Black

Locker Room
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Worn socks by Francisco. Customization is available.

You can choose how many days I should wear these socks:

From 1-2 days (light smell)

From 3-5 days (smelly)

More than a week (stinky)


It's also possible to put my load 💦 inside of the socks 😏


Comfortable gym socks for running, working out and doing sports. Socks with top cushioning and padded sole.


Color: Black 🖤

Size: M (42-45)


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